Premiere Beaute BATIK 9 Color Eye Shadow Palette All-in-one Blusher Contour Highlight (FREEGIFT HEAD EARPHONE/USB CABLE)

RM 54.40

Premiere Beaute BATIK 9 Color Eye Shadow Palette Highly Pigmented PB was fascinated by Batik's exquisite beauty not only in detail but it’s uniqueness for each piece of art. Therefore PB has decided to incorporated the elements of Batik into our new product as a symbolic gesture to let every woman search for their own personality and uniqueness.

The intense color is long-wearing, crease-proof and available in 9 matte and satin shades. Our formula includes nature ingredients and advanced production technology that result in a long-lasting and optimal hold. The result is a smooth, even and crease resistant blend for up to a long hold. a set of eight shades in four amazing finishes: matte, sparkle, glow and metallic. Create endless looks for eyes, lips, face, and more.