Electric Shaver Washable 4D Floating Shaving Machine Beard Shavers for Men (FREEGIFT HEAD EARPHONE/USB CABLE)

RM 69.88


▷Floating cutter head Double ring cutter Whole body wash Powerful  

▷IPX7 waterproof, body washable, wet and dry, cleaner.  

▷Safe and fast shaving, increase the contact area by 50%, better capture the beard, shave clean and fast.  

▷Push-type switch, non-slip design, switch button, embossed road use is more convenient and convenient  

▷The cutter head is ejected, and the hair is directly ejected and rinsed with water after shaving.  

▷Stylish design, ergonomics, and more convenient grip 

▷One machine, three uses, more convenient and faster