Authentic Vida Glow Anti-G-Ox 30 Sachets (FREEGIFT HEAD EARPHONE/USB CABLE)

RM 261.00

Anti-G-Ox is nature’s most innovative age-defying solution. Formulated with a blend of natural antioxidant, anti-glycant and anti-inflammatory ingredients, Anti-G-Ox protects the body against modern environmental and lifestyle factors that accelerate ageing by creating cellular level damage.

Premature ageing is triggered by three root conditions: oxidative stress, inflammation and glycation. Over time, the functional and structural deterioration of skin appears visibly in the form of skin discolouration, a dull complexion, fine lines and wrinkles. To effectively slow and prevent the visible signs of premature ageing, it’s essential to treat and strengthen the root causes of ageing at the cellular level.

Anti-G-Ox’s advanced formula of potent, natural ingredients works synergistically to create a defence system against those age accelerators. The antioxidant properties in Vitamin C, zinc and Kakadu Plum help the body fight and prevent oxidative stress. Potent anti-inflammatory ingredients like curcumin and Vitamin E help prevent and improve skin damage caused by chronic inflammation. To slow glycation and protect collagen’s structural integrity, ingredients such as niacinamide, chromium and biotin help lower and balance blood sugar levels.