2 IN 1 Double Tower Cereal Dispenser Candy Snack Twin Cylinder Jars Dry Food Storage Dispenser / Bekas Makanan

RM 42.50

Product Description:

•【2 IN 1】Dual Snack Dispensing Tower 

•Comes in 2 towers connected by a platform, and has a rotating lever to dispense the snack and candy goods. 

•Durable shatterproof construction, ensuring durability and longevity. 

•Easier to assembly. 

•Easier and Convenient to storage and control food portion. 

•Suitable for a wide variety of dry foods such as cereal, oatmeal, candy, granola, nuts, beans, rice, etc. 

•Easy to fill and clean. 

•It is designed to prevent food from going stale and preserves freshness. 

•Perfect as gift to your friends and family. 

•Capacity: 35 Ounces  (17.5 Ounces for each canister) 

•Precise serving size, 1 Ounce of dry food with every twist of the knob 

•It is ideal for people living a healthy or weight conscious lifestyle. 

•Child friendly, promoting growing independence for their children 

•Full control over the amount you desire