Dropship Supplier & Wholesalers In Malaysia

www.pemborongchinathai.com is a renowned dropship supplier and dropship wholesaler in Malaysia with an office nestled in Arau, Perlis. We at pemborongchinathai have an ultimate goal to be the most recognized name in the industry; trusted and highly reputed by our clients from all across the country.Incorporating the E-commerce order fulfillment model that is of escalating demand in recent years, our dropshipping operation aids our clients by saving up the inventory space needed, investment expenditure, time needed for packaging, and risk of stocking new items, among others.

We provide wide array of dropship products include variety of product from Thailand & China. One thing that is worth highlighting is that the prices we are offering are budget friendly, keeping in line with our hope to create a pleasant business venture for each of our clients.In the light of the fact that timeliness is of the utmost importance in online shopping, we – being one of the best dropship suppliers and dropship wholesalers in Malaysia - always go the extra mile in the bid to dropship products to their respective recipients in time. Great attention is also placed during the delivery stage to ensure that all the dropshipped products are received in the finest conditions possible.

www.pemborongchinathai.com is an online store which is supply to dropshipping all kind of household,personal care,fitness product and etc.We have transformed from traditional wholesale to online platform wholesale for dropshipping since 2019.

Synchronization Various Platform

Synchronizing data across systems is only the beginning.Our architecture positions us to offer far more than just synchronization.All your data flows through our platform.That means we can expose data insights that quantify your entire business.It also means you have an operational hub that you can use to manage the data and processes that tough every part of your business (Shopee,Lazada and etc).None of this possible using antiquated,point to point integrations.

Postage Benefit

For single customer to place multiple products,the postage will be calculated uniformly (Not every item add postage fees). Furthermore to courier different locations,calculated based on system shipping costs or the same shipping rates from all your locations.

Efficiency Of Express Delivery

We great attention to the efficiency of express delivery,so we prepare a large number of goods in the warehouse,and quickly send goods to courier company at any time.Delivered to the customer within 48 hours.

Quality Control

We ensure you that our main focus will be in quality of the product.We will make sure that customer get the best quality from us and we serve customer as V.I.P dropshipping.

Friendly Customer Service

We won't serve customer with attitude of "because-this-is-my-job".We'll make sure customers will feel comfortable throughout their shopping.If they our assistance during their shopping,we'll provide them the best support they can find online.

Benefit Of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an approach to order fulfillment that frees retailer from keeping product in inventory.Instead,vendors can rely on the source company,such as wholesalers and manufactures,to ship these product to the vendor's customer.This arrangement has a number of benefits that make it a popular option with online and direct-mall merchants. Dropshipping is a practice of order fulfillment where a manufacturer/distributor ships a product to a consumer on behalf of the retailer, dropshipping can be very attractive because it helps to minimize risk and cost while offering convenience and practicality.

A Unique Approach

We approach the problem differently to help you approach differently.

We approach the multichannel operations problem systematically and sensibly.our goal is to help transform our customer into leaders in their market.By making the strategies,tactics and technologies of the market giants accessible to our customer,they are empowered to compete and win against organizations with bigger budgets and bigger.

Minimizes risk
  1. Money minimizers need to be paid upfront to acquire the maximizer income which means that if the business does not pan out,the only money you have lost is what you paid to get your website started.
  2. Your business is less susceptible to loss of revenue as a result of changes in tastes or trends because there is no such thing as excess inventory.
  3. Lower volume niche products can be offered along-side popular best sellers.
  4. Convenient cashflow management-You can know clearly all of the cash in/out transaction records and rewards.

Lowers costs

New products are less expensive to launch because they do not require an investment before they can be sold.

Often you have access to better shipping rates through a dropshipper than you would as a small business shipping your own packages. The number of goods that get damaged during shipment is generally lower when using dropshipping because it reduces the number of times that that product has to change hands.

Offers Convenience

All the hassle of packing of products to prepare them for shipment is taken care of for pemborongchinathai Online.You can sync new products to your offerings very quickly on platform.

Provides Practicality

A storage facility or retail location is not needed-just the website where the item will be sold.Product that are impractical to store (ex.large product,perishable product,etc) are easier to sell.Remember many dropshipper will allow you to supply your own labels so customers do not even need to know that you are using a dropshipper rather then sending them their merchandise personally.The increase in dropshipping providers and offering has made it easier than ever to start an online store.