Frequent Ask Question

  • How to Register Account Web as a Dropshipper?

  • How to Make Payment at the Website?
  1. Click "Add to cart" for the product you want and make a purchase. 
  2. Click "Continue Shopping" and then click "Checkout" to make a payment for your product. 
  3. Enter the address on the "Shipping Address" page and enter your address in the "Billing Address" button. 
  4. Next, choose the storage method you want. Choose according to the cheapest option that suits your budget and yours. Click the "next" button. 
  5. CHOOSE your payment method and then click "next". Click "Return to store" to finish the order. 
  6. Please "Make Payment" the same through internet banking and attach in the appendix section of My Account.

  • What payment have at the website?


Note : Process will not be made until you get complete the step payment above

  • How Long the Time Delivery?

After payment is made on the website and after sending the waybill in PDF form in the Telegram group. Delivery will be made in 1-2 days and if the item is still not moving can inform the hq / admin for update.